Little Elephant Camp Store

We offer delicious food options for you to cook in your own private fully equipped camp kitchen complete with 130 litre chest style fridge, gas stove-top and a 7 stage water purification system with reverse osmosis and UV light treatment for drinking water.

PLEASE NOTE – We do not supply or stock any bread products. We recommend that if you would like bread for your stay, bring it with you. We provide salt, pepper, sunflower oil, coffee, tea, sugar and milk in each camp. If there are any other condiments you’ll need, we suggest bringing them with you.

We sell a variety of cold beverages such as soda, beer and cider as well as bottles of red, white and rosé wine at the camp.

Bring your own reusable bottle for safe, clean drinking water and be part of the solution as we work towards furthering our approach to an eco-friendly environment.

Please make one order for your stay at the camp from the selections below.  Orders must be made a minimum of seven days (1 week) prior to your arrival.  Upon your arrival at Little Elephant Camp you will find all of the food that you’ve ordered in your kitchen either in your fridge or in the food storage boxes in your kitchen.  Have any questions?  If so, send us an email, we’d be happy to answer them for you [email protected]